News & Updates

January  2014

We are still updating the Website so keep coming back, but in the mean time check all news below.

Star's Edge Release

We submitted Star's Edge to Comixology and have been approved. It is coming out January 15th.  We are also looking into a possibly doing a large print run if response is favorable. Click here to buy a digital copy.

The Hook Up Print and Digital

Our webcomic The Hook Up has been collected into a book with extra pages added in. We have printed up some proofs and once it gets approved we will be selling at conventions and on the web. We have also submitted the book to Comixology so you can get a look at the extra pages at a cheaper price.  

@ The 8 Spot

Our webcomic @ The 8 Spot is also being collected into a book. The proof copy printing is being pushed back to February because we want to add a few more images.  

Gaido Xin

Marc Rivera, Nadir Balan and Tom Chu have all committed to this book and it is looking to be one of our best one yet.

Team Kaiju

Labor of love and long time project of WIlson Ramos-Jr. Team Kaiju # 1 has been printed up and Issue 2 is being worked on. We hope to have issue 2 and 3 out in time for next years comic book convention season.  

@ The 8 Spot - The Podcast

We have just started recording a podcast.  Not being able to get all the guys from It Starts With Comics we decided to do a new podcast with a new name.  If you want to listen to the Craziness that  is being Section 8 check out our Podcast.

The Mark!

If you have picked up any of our books at convention you know about this lovable knucklehead.  He is the world's greatest superhero… at least he thinks so.  And he will soon have his own webcomic.  In the meantime check out this little Preview.  


Since Comixology has already accepted Star’s Edge we will be also submitting some of our older books as well Be on the look out in future months for Digital copies of Ninja Mouse and dar bloods to be available.  

Client Project’s

@ Section 8 studios we don’t just do our own books.  We also work for other companies.  Below are some clients that you should be on the look out for.  

I Frankenstein

Darkstorm Comics
Graphic novel
Copy Editing on Spanish version.
Prepress and clean up of Spanish and English Version.
Currently available for free on Comixology

Watson and Holmes

New Paradigm Studios
Issue 6
Lettering and Digital Prepress.
Comes out this month.   

2013 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope Trading Cards

Topps Trading Cards
116 Sketch Cards.  (60 Panorama 56 Autograph Sketch Cards)

Mars Attacks Invasion Trading cards

Topps Trading Cards
150 Cards