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Section 8 Tries to go To Boston

Last year at the Boston Comic Con Wilson, Marc and Myself had a ball.  So much so that when we started mapping out the cons we wanted to do for this year there was no doubt we wanted to do this show.  When the tragedy of the Boston Marathon occurred we all got together and discussed it.   I was adamant that we go but I would not begrudge anyone who decided not to go.  Having Lived up close and personal with September 11th I understand the trip could be disturbing but I felt that if the show was going to still go on how could we not go.   It’s not a bravery thing it was more along the line of showing support to the people of Boston and part of me just thought that the chances of another event happening so soon in the same area would be unlikely.  I mean the Marathon explosion happened a few blocks away from the Blast so the entire area was a crime scene.   I figured the security would probably be the safest I would ever be.